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Please note, the policies below represent a relaxation of our guidelines as COVID-19 is still an ever-present concern. All policies and procedures are subject to change at any time in order to protect our patients and staff.

The hospital lobby will open to visitors.
* All patients admitted to the hospital will be tested for COVID-19
* Limit of two (2) visitors at a time with hospital inpatients
* Limit of one (1) visitor at a time with Emergency Room patients
* Social distancing is encouraged in all common areas
* Masks shall be worn when in patient areas; not required in common areas
* All entrances will have hand sanitizer and signage detailing signs and symptoms of COVID-19; signage will also be posted with visitor/patient policies

* All patients coming for outpatient surgical procedures will be tested for COVID-19
* Masks are required when in patient areas (Not required in common areas)
* Entrances:

Lab/Radiology:   Enter and register through the Emergency Department
Outpatient procedures (surgeries):   Enter through the main hospital lobby and register at the nurse’s station
Physical Therapy:   Enter through the east Clinic/Wellness Center entrance and proceed to the PT department

* Wellness Center will be open the following hours:   Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM
* Enter through the east Clinic/Wellness Center entrance and proceed to the Wellness Center
* Free to the public until further notice

NGH is grateful for the incredible show of support and encouragement from our community over the past unprecedented year. Please help us continue to keep our facility safe and open to the public by adhering to these guidelines.