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Our “Medicare for Dummies” forum was a great success! Those who attended learned a great deal and were able to ask their questions in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. One of our goals as your local healthcare provider is to provide you with no-strings-attached information. If you would like to see us host a forum on a particular topic, we would love to hear from you! Email [email protected] and let us know!

Weren’t able to attend? Visit our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/noconageneralhospital) and see the Facebook live video on August 22nd.

Also, attached below are the flyers that were distributed. Feel free to print and/or share!

Part B premium and Part D surcharge 2023
Medicare FAQ
Medicare Handout (LY) – 2023
Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage (with chart)
Medicare Part D – Find Your Drug Plan

Confused about all things Medicare? Need to enroll but have no idea where to start? Enrolled, but not confident of your selections? Does open enrollment scare you?

“Medicare for Dummies” will be hosted by NGH on Tuesday, August 22nd at 5:30 PM in the hospital lobby (100 Park Road). Our speaker will explain the process and answer your questions – no matter how basic! What you are entitled to – What you need – What to know – What to avoid!

Join us at 5:30 for light refreshments and sign up for door prizes. This will be a very informal event, and there will NO SALES! This is an INFORMATIONAL EVENT ONLY! We want the public to be able to ask any questions you might have without the pressure of a sales pitch!