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Emergency Department

The NGH Emergency Department is staffed for all emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. NGH takes pride in dedicating our services to this community as well as to the surrounding areas.

Safe Baby Site

NGH is also designated as a “Safe Baby Site”. The “Baby Moses Law” is the common name of the law authorizing a designated emergency infant care provider to take possession of a child appearing to be 60 days old or younger from the child’s parent, if the parent does not express intent to return for the child. More information concerning this law can be found in the Texas Family Code, Chapter 262, Subchapter D, Emergency Possession of Certain Abandoned Children. The purpose of this law is to encourage parents who abandon their children to do so with a designated emergency infant care provider rather than at a dangerous location. The law also protects parents from criminal prosecution when they deliver an unharmed child to a designated emergency infant care provider.

EMS Services

The NGH ambulance services is not just a “load and go” service. We are proud to have a very well-trained staff, including at least one Paramedic scheduled on every shift. We have two ambulances staffed and ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and each ambulance is stocked with the same first-line cardiac drugs that are stocked in the emergency room.

Our EMS Department continues to grow and change as improvements in the medical field are made.

Director, Kennen Fleming

NGH Emergency Services proudly presents the latest upgrade to our fleet!